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General Information

Flowers Hall

Mailbox Assignments
Mailboxes are assigned to students as they enter the Department. The Department staff and graduate faculty will often place materials in your mailbox such as lecture information and essay evaluations, so be sure to check your mailbox when you are on campus for classes.  

IA’s/TA’s—mailboxes located inside the faculty Mailroom (Room 374), next to the English Department office. Other MA Lit students' mailboxes are located in the hallway outside the English Department office.
If you enter a contest or answer a call for papers, especially if you are not an IA or TA, please be sure to give that school, journal, or organization your home mailing address. If you do not have a mailbox assigned to you, please see:

Roly Meza

M.A. Literature Graduate Assistant

Department of English

Flowers Hall 361


Your TXSTATE E-Mail Account
To all entering graduate students: You should activate your free TXSTATE email account immediately. Your professors will often assume they can contact you through that account, and general student notices, some of them important, are usually posted to that account. If you prefer to use a personal e-mail account such as one with Gmail or Hotmail, you may easily arrange for all of your TXSTATE e-mail messages to be automatically forwarded to your preferred account.

Additional information from the graduate college and for specific literature courses can be found on your Canvas page, which is accessible with the same ID and password as your email account.